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Activities at Jūrmala open-air museum

This is the largest and the most inviting museum in Jūrmala. Located at the foot of the dune “Ragakāpa”, the Jūrmala Open Air Museum is an attractive way to discover the daily life of fishermen at the turn of the 20th century. Here, you can climb on the decks of two authentic fishing boats, try your skills at the rope-making workshop, and visit authentic houses of fishermen. Around noon on Thursdays in summer, the museum offers a pleasant surprise for gourmets, as it hosts fish-smoking events where local fishermen show and tell about the traditional ways to smoke fish, inviting the guests to try the product.

It is possible to rent the territory museum for the private events and include additional group activities such as:

Fish smoking activity (duration 2h)

A great opportunity to participate in the fish smoking process and enjoy freshly smoked fish.

Local beer and smoked fish tasting (duration 1 h)

In cooperation with local catering company, the rich buffet style table is served with the typical Latvian bread, fish, cheese, pickles, vegetables, beer and non-alcoholic drinks.  

Old crafts workshops (duration 1h)

Take a chance to try your skills in old fishermen crafts such as the net mending, sailor knot and rope tying. It is possible to invite also other craftsmen – straw shoes maker, weaver, wooden cutlery makers, etc.    

Folklore show (duration 1h)

Latvian traditional, dances, songs accompanied with the live music.  

Activities at Jūrmala open-air museum
Activities at Jūrmala open-air museum
Activities at Jūrmala open-air museum
Activities at Jūrmala open-air museum

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