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Welcome to the past

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We will be very happy if you will join us in "Government Dacha No 2". This is a unique building, that truly reflects the 70’s -80’s design and atmosphere of the Soviet era. The residence has own cinema, library, living room with a fireplace, and other gadgets and objects of historical value.

This house only served top end government officials and today the decision has been made to open it to the public and hold theatrical gimmicks, one of them is specially prepared for this viewing, and is called "The Soviet Party".

During the tour you will be able to experience of what it’s like to be a guest of the Government dacha No2, you will be introduced to the General Secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, and also enjoy the meals from the “soviet” menu.

The program includes:

  • Communication with the assistant of the "General Secretary" and security service (instruction on how to behave during a meeting and inspection of the object);
  • Meeting with "the General Secretary of the Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev";
  • Answers by "L. Brezhnev” on the guests questions;
  • Collective photo with the "General Secretary" after meeting;
  • Showing newsreel "Novosty Dnya" (1976);
  • Photographing in the office of “General Secretary” (individual pictures).

Welcome to the past
Welcome to the past
Welcome to the past
Welcome to the past
Welcome to the past
Welcome to the past
Welcome to the past

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