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Discover 7 less known nature trails around Jūrmala

Jūrmala invites you to spend time outdoors and explore nature trails! Without a doubt, the Ķemeri Bog Boardwalk is one of the most popular nature trail destinations, but the spruce and pine forests hide even more natural gems!

We have gathered information about lesser-known nature trails in the surroundings of Jūrmala where you can enjoy the winter silence. The kilometres hiked with a steaming drink in your thermo- mug, and pleasant fatigue at the end of the day will guarantee you unforgettable memories and photographs.

Around the Melnezers Bog Lake

In the Ķemeri National Park, you can take a short 1.6 km walk around a dark bog lake. Melnezers is shrouded in mystery, with stories of sunken treasures – sunken tanks are said to hide in the dark waters, and silverware from the former Ķemeri Hotel was hastily hidden in the lake before World War II.

Longer route lovers can continue to Sloka Lake, following the white-blue-white markings, or follow the white-yellow-white markings to the 99th section of the hiking trail "The Forest Trail" (''Mežtaka'') Jāņukrogs – Bigauņciems.

There is a gravel parking area by Melnezers; the trail surface is gravel and dirt.

Google maps location of the Melnezers parking lot.

Sloka Lake Nature Trail

The 3 km-long trail winds through various forests along the shores of a lake rich in aquatic birds. The trail begins and ends at Sloka Lake, where a picnic area and a 7-metre-high floating observation tower await visitors. Climb the observation tower to enjoy birdwatching in Sloka Lake. The lake is suitable for birdwatching all year round, even in winter if there are ice-free areas where wintering water birds can stay.

There are several interesting objects along the trail: wet forests near the Vēršupīte River, a sulphur spring near Sloka Lake, and several bog lakes.

A more detailed description can be found here

Google maps location of the Sloka Lake parking lot.

The route along the Green Dune

The Green Dune is one of the most interesting natural attractions of Ķemeri National Park. The 10 km-long circular route is mainly on forest roads, which are reinforced in places with dolomite chippings. From Partizānu Street the route runs along the Green Dune to the Sulphur Ponds Footbridge and then through the Witches’ Bog back to Ķemeri.

There are currently no markings of the route, but in snow-free conditions, it can be easily found by the dolomite chippings surface, as well as signs at the most prominent junction along the route.

Google location of the start of the trail.

Sulphur Ponds Trail

Here you can observe a natural phenomenon rare in Latvia – where the sulphurous springs flow to the surface, several ponds have formed where the water flowing from the springs accumulates.

You will smell a strong rotten-egg aroma of sulphur waters here, but before you wrinkle your nose, remember that sulphur waters have healing properties. At the western edge of the Witches’ Bog, a wooden footbridge leads through the Witches’ Bog to the sulphur ponds. On the way to the ponds, you will have the opportunity to explore the landscape of the raised bog.

The monument can be reached via Robežu Street towards Antiņciems, 2 km along the forest/bog road, with a parking area on the left and the start of the footbridge on the right.

Google maps location of the parking lot. 

Black Alder Swamp Forest Trail and Forest Trail

This short wooden boardwalk trail allows you to explore a wet forest of broad-leaved trees – the black alder swamp forest on the banks of the Vēršupīte River. The length of the trail is about 600 m. It follows the paths of the historic Ķemeri Health Resort Park, so you can easily (and beautifully!) extend your walk to the sulphur spring pavilion Small Lizard (~ 800 m) or the centre of Ķemeri (~ 1 km).

The trail starts at the Ķemeri National Park information centre ''Forest House'', and there is even parking available there.

A more detailed description can be found here.

Cross-border hiking trail "The Forest Trail" (''Mežtaka'') sections in Jūrmala

The long-distance cross-border hiking trail "The Forest Trail" (''Mežtaka'') passes through the resort town in 2 sections. 

  • 99th section of the Mežtaka route Jāņukrogs – Bigauņciems.

 The 28 km-long section of Mežtaka forest trail passes through the Ķemeri National Park along its entire length. The route starts at the Kārniņi Cemetery and passes through Čaukciems, the Green Dune, Ķemeri, Sloka Lake and ends in Bigauņciems. It will take 7-9 hours to complete the route and it is possible to split the route over two days.

A more detailed description can be found here.

  • 102nd section of the Mežtaka route. Bulduri – Riga city centre.

Walk from Jūrmala to Riga? This is possible by walking one of the Mežataka sections.

The 23 km-long route starts at Bulduri Railway Station. To get to the destination – Riga City Hall Square – you will need to spend 8-10 hours on the road. The route will take you through Bulduri, Priedaine, Liepezers, Lāčupe, Iļģuciems and arrive in Riga Old Town.

A more detailed description can be found here.