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Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to buy Jūrmala entry pass from February 1.

Starting from 1 February, a pass will be required to enter Jūrmala

As of 1 February 2024, a fee of EUR 3 will be required to enter the city in a vehicle. The fee will apply throughout the year.

The entry pass will be available for purchase at:

  • Mobilly, Europark or Citadele.
  • entry pass machines in the city (see map)
  • Jūrmala Tourism Information Centre, Lienes iela 5, Jūrmala

How does the Jūrmala day pass work?

The entry pass may be purchased both before and after entering the special regulation zone, but the transaction must be effected before 23:59 on the day of entry.

Entry into the Jūrmala special regulation zone is unlimited on the day the pass is purchased.After 23:59 on that day, the entry pass remains valid until you leave the special regulation zone.

The entry pass must be purchased for vehicles (cars, cargo vehicles, buses), motorcycles, quads, and tricycles. The vehicle registration number should be specified when purchasing the entry pass.

No entry pass will be required for electric vehicles and vehicles adapted for disabled drivers that are registered as such with the Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate (CSDD).

The entry pass machines at the entrance to Jūrmala in Priedaine and Vaivari do not accept cash, only payment cards or contactless payment methods (via a mobile phone, wristband, smartwatch, etc.). Cash can be used to pay at the entry pass machines in the city at the Rimi supermarket in Lielupe, Dzintari concert hall, Majori car park, and Dubulti train station. 

Parking in Jūrmala is free of charge where parking is allowed, except for private car parks.

Come to Jūrmala often? Buy a long-term entry pass

Register your entry pass instead of buying one every time you enter.

Long-term Jūrmala entry passes are available:


Price, EUR

7 day pass 10,00
30 day pass 31,00
90 day pass 55,00
180 day pass 107,00
270 day pass 150,00
365 day pass 180,00

The following vehicles may enter the Jūrmala special regulation zone without an entry pass

  • vehicles transporting persons with a group I disability, children with disabilities, disabled persons with reduced mobility, in these cases, please register at before entering Jūrmala, or, if registering when entering the city, at the Tourism Information Centre at Lienes iela 5, Majori, or at the municipal police station at Dubultu prospekts 2, Dubulti (on weekends and after working hours).
  • Persons with disabilities (persons with a group I disability or reduced mobility) can obtain a free full-season entry pass for one vehicle registered to them as owner or primary user at free of charge. 

Fine for driving in the city without an entry pass

The monitoring of entry pass purchases is fully automated. The registration number of vehicles entering the city will be recorded by video surveillance devices and run through the database to determine if an entry pass was purchased for the vehicle before 23:59 on the day of entry. Failing to comply with the entry pass regulations will result in a fine of EUR 50.