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Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to buy Jūrmala entry pass from February 1.

Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk

Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk
Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk
Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk
Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk
Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk
Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk

The trail during a short walk invites you to explore a wet broadleaf forest – the Black Alder swamp on the banks of the river Vēršupīte.

The boardwalk is located in a natural, pristine alluvial forest, which is mostly dominated by black alder, but there are also aspen, oaks and ash.

The swamp is the result of the floodwaters of the river Vēršupīte. Every spring in April or May, the river overflows and the forest is flooded for several weeks.

Coordinates of the location 56.9520652, 23.5137087
Time required for observing ~30 min
Legth 500m
Working hours All year round
Price Free
Accessibility The trail is suitable for people in wheelchairs and with baby carriages.

At the beginning of the trail there is a parking lot;

Information Centre,

During the summer season, toilets are available in the information centre “Meža māja” of the KNP. 
Marking There is no special marking. The path leads along wooden boardwalks, does not diverge and is easy to navigate.
Type Arc-shaped
Coverage The cover for the boardwalk are wooden boards, the width of which is 120 cm. In order to avoid the need to change the direction of visitors moving in opposite sides (especially with baby carriages and/or visitors in wheelchairs), please follow the direction of movement indicated on the information stands! Boards along the length of the trail are set up lengthwise, the width of the gaps can reach 1 cm. The trail is equipped with a handrail in two tiers along the entire way.
!!! In rainy weather the wooden boardwalks become slippery. In winter the boardwalks may be covered with snow. Walking along the boardwalk is free, and the boardwalk is open all year round.
How to get there

By train - Rīga-Ķemeri-Tukums to Ķemeri rail station, then take a 2.5 km walk along Tukuma Street and Tūristu Street through Ķemeri till “Meža māja”, where the trail starts.

By car: drive along Ventspils (A10) or Talsi (P128) motorways to the turning point to Ķemeri, then drive 2.5 km along the main street to “Meža māja”.

By bus: take bus No 6 from Sloka or minibus No 5 from the Bulduri to Ķemeri, get off at the bus stop of “Meža māja”.

A GPX file of the Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk is available on* www.visitjurmala.lv/gpx/melnalkšņu-dumbrāja-laipa, which can be used offline. ……….

There is a Forest Trail near the closing point of the Black Alder Swamp Boardwalk. fails A GPX file of the Forest Trail is available on* www.visitjurmala.lv/gpx/meža-taka, which can be used offline.

* To open a file, you need to install an application that supports opening and displaying GPX files on your phone.

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