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Ķemeri National Park

Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri National Park
Ķemeri National Park

Kemeri National Park was established in 1997 with a purpose to preserve the values of nature, culture, history and resortology, to promote non-depleting economic activity, tourism and environmental education.

National Park covers the area of 38,165 ha. It is the third largest Latvian national park (after Gauja and Razna National Parks).

The most important values of nature:

  • untouched high moss moors, especially the Great Kemeri Moorland
  • moist and wet forests (quagmires, swampy forests)
  • shallow coastland lakes – Kanieris and Sloka Lake – abounding with the nests of water birds
  • dunes covered by a dry pine forest on the coast of the sea and inland
  • meadows – flood plain meadows, moist meadows in lime soils
  • lime soil grassy marshes
  • formation locations and springs of sulphide mineral water
  • internationally significant resting places of migratory birds – Lake Kanieris and the Great Kemeri Moorland
  • rare and endangered species of animals: wolf, lynx, otter, black stork, sea eagle, lesser spotted eagle, corncrake, pond bat, smooth snake, etc.
  • 97 protected plant species, including many species of orchids, as well as rare species of moss, lichen and mushrooms

Kemeri National Park offers walks along the nature trails, biking routes in nature, educational classes for children and grown-ups, thematic activities for the whole family.

Closest objects

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