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The Most Recent Popular Tourist Attractions in Jurmala

Jūrmala is one of the most popular tourist destinations for local and foreign travellers. Just like in the Latvian folk tale Jūrmala will never be finished! On every visit to Jūrmala there is a new outdoor object, a cafe with a special mood on the coast of the sea or an interesting spa offer!


The beautiful Kemeri Park with the magnificent Water Tower

In 2021 the historical Kemeri Park with Water Tower was opened to visitors after major reconstruction. The former best resort in Latvia has regained its beauty and magnificence. It is a territory of 20 ha with footpaths, the total length of which is 8 km. They wind among the restored plantations of the park and its special pride — 5000 blooming roses and hortensias.

Every visitor of Kemeri landscape park may enjoy the way the architect's fantasy and the diversity of nature blend in a harmonious symbiosis with outstanding objects of landscape architecture — ornate bridges, sulphur spring “Kirzacina” and the refined tea house on the Island of Love. Benches and lanterns have been restored based on old photographs. Close by proudly stands the restored Kemeri Water Tower, which overlooks the surrounding forests as a powerful beacon. Those courageous enough to climb the 4 stories and 222 steps of the tower will be rewarded by a magnificent view of the territory of the neighbourhood of Kemeri.


Annina of Kemeri — a character from a Latvian Riflemen's song

At the end of 2022 a new sculpture "Annina of Kemeri" was unveiled in Kemeri square in reference to a lyrical character from a Latvian Riflemen's song. The sculpture symbolises the modern day Kemeri neighbourhood. The airy sculpture is 3.5 metres high and made of laser-cut aluminium plates. The sculpture depicts a young girl on a walk in a posture that expresses ease and melancholy at the same time.


New Recreation Park in Kauguri

Kauguri Recreation Park with area of 3.8 ha surrounded by pine forest awaits big and small holidaymakers. A skate-park, a basketball field, play areas, outdoor training devices, an ice rink in winter and workshops, cinema and other pastimes in the Youth House will be available to anyone, who wishes to enjoy the fresh seaside pine forest air, while engaging in physical activities.


A nature trail in the city, media objects and witnesses of history

In the dunes between Dubulti and Pumpuri Wellness Nature Trail has been created for the children of nature, where families with smaller children can take calmly a quiet walk sheltered by the pine forest.

 Jūrmala is also rich in beautiful urban environment objects that add to Jūrmala's appeal. The most recent ones — in Bulduri, against the exit to the sea, the majestic "Baltic Stream" that looks especially striking in the rays of the setting sun, on Majori beach the inscription "Jūrmala" has become popular among guests of Jūrmala for taking photos.

Jurmala Open Air Museum has also some news — the fishing vessel "Undine" has been restored and visitors can now step onto its deck and feel some real sea breeze.

Those, who are interested in architecture, we advise to visit Jūrmala Cultural Space and Environmental Design Centre and acquaint themselves with the exhibition about Jūrmala wooden architecture that focuses on wood carvings that adorn historical architecture of Jūrmala.

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