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10 ideas for spending time with your children in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is the best place for children’s holidays. There is no such thing as “boring” here! The range of activities for children is so wide that there is simply no such feeling as boredom.

In summer, Jūrmala’s beach transforms into a 24-kilometre-long, extensive sandbox with opportunities to build sand sculptures and castles or just splash around in the waves. Children will also love the entertainment options in the city: adventure parks, high observation towers, cone-shaped tents in the pine tops, exotic butterflies, sunset boat trips in the Ķemeri bog, swimming pools and slides. Local entrepreneurs have prepared special spa offers, menus and entertainment programmes for young guests. 

1. ENJOY WATER ATTRACTIONS AT LĪVU AKVAPARKS. Visitors can enjoy a 7000 m2 outdoor water complex with pools, fountains and slides of varying difficulty in summer. The outdoor area also features the water park’s most extreme slides, Kamikaze and Water Skeleton - the only slide for sliding down headfirst.

2. TRY YOUR STRENGTH IN ADVENTURE PARKS. Two tracks await adventurers in Dzintari Forest Park: 

Jūrmala Net Park is located among the pines of Dzintari Forest Park at a height of 6 metres and consists of 5 net areas and tunnels with the total area of 600 square metres. Among the treetops, you will find mazes, slides, areas with soft blocks and balls, a net "swamp" and swings. Both the exciting entertainment activities and the peaceful relaxation at the Net Park are safe and suitable for everyone.

Adventure park "Jūrmalas Tarzāns". An exciting adventure on 7 trails amongst the treetops that will delight adults and children alike. There are 89 obstacles to experience, the highest of which are 12 metres high.

3. CLIMB THE HIGHEST VIEWING PLATFORM OF JŪRMALA. Ķemeri Cultural and Historical Park was renovated in 2021. The park, which covers more than 20 hectares, features historical architectural examples - a pavilion, a rotunda, and twelve bridges crossing the Vēršupīte River, which flows through the park. A tourist information point and an exhibition on the history of the Ķemeri resort have been set up in the Ķemeri Water Tower. The tower’s 42-metre-high top platform offers an observation deck from which you can view the surroundings of Ķemeri. To go to the observation deck, you must book a visit. Entrance is free of charge.

4. FEEL THE WINGBEATS OF BUTTERFLIES. The Butterfly House showcases exotic and colourful tropical butterflies from South America, Asia and Africa, dazzling with their vibrant colours, variety of patterned wings and enthusiastic, effortless flight. 

5. LEARN ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE RESORT. In the Jūrmala Museum, you can learn about the origins and development of the resort from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. Its exhibition halls regularly host art and cultural history exhibitions, creative events, and workshops for children. Entrance is free of charge. 

6. HAVE A PICNIC AT THE FISHERMEN’S FARM. Surrounded by the Ragakāpa Nature Park is the Jūrmala Open-Air Museum, where you can see the 19th-20th century Jūrmala coastal fishermen’s farm with its characteristic buildings - a dwelling house, net shed, barn, fish smokehouse, sauna, and other structures. There are campfire and picnic places in the territory of the museum. Entrance is free of charge. 

7. ENJOY THE RHYTHM OF SUMMER BEACH LIFE. Jūrmala’s 24-km-long sandy beach is a perfect place for both peaceful summer sunbathing and active recreation. During the summer, the beach hosts international cultural and sports events, live music nights and tastings in the beach cafés, and children will love the chance to splash around in the warm and shallow sea water, building sandcastles and fairy-tale characters in peculiar shapes.  

8. SEE JŪRMALA FROM A BOAT. During the summer, two river boats New Way and Elizabete operate on the Riga-Jūrmala-Riga route. During the trip, holidaymakers can enjoy the sights of Riga and Jūrmala as well as the surroundings. Those who want to take a shorter trip can choose the Jūrmala route and watch the resort’s leisurely pace of life from the deck of the boat.

9. GO ON A CYCLING ADVENTURE. Families with younger children may prefer the 12 km Majori-Bulduri circular route or the 13 km Bulduri-Buļļuciems route. For those who are ready for a longer ride, the 25 km Majori-Kauguri route will be interesting. There are several bicycle rental services in the city.

10. WAIT FOR THE SUNRISE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWAMP LAKES. Adventurers will enjoy a thrilling SUP-board or boat ride through the twists and turns of the swamp lakes, watching the sun come up and all the living things in nature wake up.



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